Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.“
— Albert Einstein

Could This Be You?

Jenna and Brian are both in their early fifties and love their four-bedroom house, which has been home to their family of five for over twenty-five years. Now that the kids are off to college or moved out on their own, it’s freed up much needed space.  But that newfound room has become a haven for stacks of unread magazines, piles of recent mail, old billing statements and important documents needing to be filed away, as well as the beginnings of started house projects that have gone unfinished. They’ve even begun to find themselves scrambling to find misplaced bills. Now it seems that Bill’s mother is having trouble caring for her home, and they are considering having her move in with them at least temporarily. How can they deal with their own clutter while making sure they’re addressing the needs that Mom brings to the physical space?

Ask yourself if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • Struggling to locate things when you need them?
  • Finding clutter is out of control?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by to-do lists?
  • Getting frustrated by surroundings and paper piles?
  • Seeking the peace of mind that comes with order?
  • Feeling like a recent change in your family situation has disrupted your usually functional space and/or schedule?
  • Finding that your space and “stuff” just doesn’t work well anymore due to illness, injury, aging, or additions to your household?

Consider It Organized has the knowledge and creativity to help you design the environment you’ve always wanted with practical, customized solutions to streamline and simplify the “stuff” in your life.

Are You Aging in Place?

Many older Americans would like to stay in their homes for as long as possible, and it can be done.  But only if they create a plan beforehand to address the issues that can arise with aging. People are often forced to leave their homes during a crisis because they lack a plan or aren’t aware of available home-based and community-driven services that could make living independently a possibility. At Consider It Organized, we can help you create that plan, find the resources, and arrange your surroundings to help you age in place successfully.

Organization Services

Consider It Organized works with clients to conquer clutter and bring balance and order to their space through a number of specialized services including:

  • Downsizing and space planning for seniors aging in place or aging with relatives
  • Records organization for seniors and their family members
  • Decluttering for the entire home
  • Paper management and filing organization
  • Organization of high-traffic areas (such as the kitchen, bathroom or closets)
  • Children’s rooms and playroom organization
  • Storage planning and organization
  • Home office organization
  • Family schedule and time management organization
  • Organization system maintenance and “tweaking”