Why I Do What I Do

~A message from Robin~

Since I was a college student volunteering at the local community center back home in Dayton, Ohio, I’ve felt a deep admiration and respect for the seniors I crossed paths with in the community and later as co-workers and clients. Over the years, I’ve watched friends and family members deal with the issues of aging –making choices regarding living arrangements and dealing with illness and the loss of family members. After losing my own father to cancer in 2009, I felt compelled to find new ways I could help seniors better cope and manage the change and transition faced as a result of downsizing, relocating or the disbursement of a loved one’s estate. I wanted to be able to use my skills and experience in some way through organizing and relocation services specifically designed with families and their senior members in mind.

Moving is something I know all too well. As a young adult, I moved so many times that my friends used to say they needed an address book just for me. On top of my own moves, I coordinated a number of corporate relocations and helped numerous friends and family members move over the years. I’ve also witnessed firsthand my own in-laws downsize and relocate to a senior community after selling their home of 50 years. And because the process was carried out with such vision, care and fortitude, their quality of life has been wonderful and they now enjoy a whole new community of friends and support. I want nothing more than to share this vision with other families struggling with similar decisions and show them that planning and foresight now enables not only a much less stressful and more enjoyable moving experience later – but also bestows a true gift to the family that only wants to see their loved ones living comfortably, safely and happily in their later years.

So I really do believe that this is my calling, and I accept it humbly, gratefully and eagerly. Whether it’s helping alleviate the stress and confusion that clutter can bring or assisting during a difficult transition such as moving from a lifelong residence, I consider it a privilege to be able to accompany your family on this part of your journey.

All the best,